The X-Capital platform supports a diversified token fund, hedge fund, as well as the X-celerator Fund, a proprietary blockchain accelerator for decentralized technologies. The X-celerator utilizes large-scale mathematical models and economic growth factors to enable portfolio companies to achieve their full potential. Its validated model incorporates a comprehensive matrix of six competencies: industry analysis and market research; team track record; technical expertise and barriers; product roadmap and design; token allocation and distribution; business model and user incentives, making its well-diversified portfolio one of the best financial products for blockchain exposure. The X-celerator Fund is open to qualified investors with a 1-year holding period.

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  • Poseidon Ho Managing Partner

    200x return algorithmic trading
    10+ major hackathon awards
    MIT Media Lab, MSRA, San Diego Zoo
    Tsinghua M.Eng. Data Science (dropout)

  • Yen Yeh Managing Partner

    Battery Scientist at Apple & Tesla
    Researcher at MIT Sadoway Group
    Founder of MIT Energy Club
    MIT B.S. Material Science (dropout)

  • Jun Qian CTO

    Principal Director at Microsoft AI Research
    Founder of Amazon Machine Learning
    Principal Investigator at Verizon
    Tsinghua M.S. Computer Science & AI Lab

  • Lan Li CMO

    Sr. SE Manager at Microsoft AI Research
    President, Seattle Tsinghua Alumni Assoc.
    PhD in Material Science at UCLA
    Tsinghua B.S. Material Science

  • Ronnie Tao Director of Business Development

    Executive Vice President at SCUD Group
    Sr. Manager at Sony, Amazon Lab126
    Sr. Business Consultant at HP,
    Daimler-Chrysler Financial Services

  • Dian Jiao Chief Economist

    Microeconomics Researcher at
    Harvard, Stanford, NYU
    Columbia PhD in Economics
    Vassar B.S. Mathametics & Economics

  • Honghao Deng Creative Director

    iF Design, Golden A’ Design Award
    10+ international design awards
    Researcher at MIT Media Lab, Airbnb
    Harvard M.Des. Technology with Distinction

  • Aaron Chuang Partnership Manager

    Founder, Fair Advisory Capital Management
    10+ years experience in investment banking
    MLA of $150M international syndication loan
    National Tsinghua University B.A. Economics

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